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Your Sportalm-Family

In the Hotel Sportalm you will meet a young, small family who will hopefully make your stay something very special.

Jessica and Kevin met each other - at work, of course - in a Luxury Hotel in Vienna. Soon afterwards, they were talking about their future together while drinking a glass of wine, and it quickly became clear:

"Someday, we need our own hotel!"

Hotel Sportalm BKK Gastgeber.jpg
Hotel Sportalm BKK Gastgeber


Your Hostess

As a Swedish Tyrolean, Jessica's heart beats for "Schlipfkrapfen" and IKEA at the same time. With her smile, she wraps everyone around her finger. Kevin also affectionately calls her "Gschaftlhuaber" or "studsboll" (Swedish for "rubber ball") because she bounces around the house all day.

For her guests, she can usually be found at the reception and is happy to take your reservations. During your stay she is at your side with a lot of insider tips.

Why I wanted to move to Bad Kleinkirchheim ...

... can be answered very easily. Since I lived in Vienna for a long time, I missed the beautiful mountains and lakes. When we went on vacation for the first time in Bad Kleinkirchheim, I immediately fell in love with the region!

My favorite drink is...

... the "Sportalm-Aperol" created especially for me in our lobby bar. This is really great, and my absolute favorite drink in summer! It is, of course, refreshing in every season and is the perfect aperitif for Aperol lovers.

You can reach me here:

Either at or at +43 676 637 2032 - also via Whatsapp.

Hotel Sportalm BKK Gastgeber.jpg
Hotel Sportalm BKK Gastgeber.jpg


Your Host

You can quickly conquer Kevin's heart with a good glass of wine. As a Styrian he was shaped by good cold-cuts, and therefore you can usually find him in the restaurant and the lobby bar.

Since he is not a very big athlete, especially Jessica would never have thought that it would be a "sports hotel". Nevertheless, he tried out all hiking trails, ski slopes, mountain bike trails and golf courses for you - because as the saying goes: "Steirerbluat is ka Himbeersoft!"

Why I am responsible for the cuisine in the hotel ...

... was clear from the start anyway: because for me it's all about food. Sometimes I really like to swap a perfectly cooked steak for a Wiener schnitzel. For this reason, we have also specialized in genuinely ingenious regional and down-to-earth cuisine.

My favorite place in the hotel is ...

... on a cold winter day, the incredibly cozy, original Carinthian and now retro-chic sofas in the lobby bar. Ideally with a view of the amazing tiled stove and the world-famous Franz Klammer slope.

You can reach me here:

At any time at or +43 664 328 5699 - also via Whatsapp.

Hotel Sportalm BKK Gastgeber.jpg
Hotel Sportalm Bad Kleinkirchheim



Hotel Manager

Our hotel dog Simba greets you with a hearty "woof". Due to his confident terrier-being, he often behaves like our small hotel manager.

"You're so soft, and nobody knows..."

Neil from England, one of our regulars (is allowed to pet Simba)

My favorite walk is ...

... wherever there is water. Fortunately, there are enough options around us. My favorite thing to do is to walk along the valley path because there is so much to discover. Since the Carinthian sun always warms up my fur, I find every cooling in the stream or lake particularly great. I find it best when I manage the hike together with the best hiking buddies Kevin and Jessica.

I particularly like to eat ...

... whatever our Chef Christopher allows me to have ;)

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