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Restaurant Fuxbau im Hotel Sportalm Bad Kleinkirchheim



Hello Hotel Sportalm

We always have something to do. Whether hiking, biking, skiing or golfing . The Hotel Sportalm in Bad Kleinkirchheim, in the heart of the Carinthian Nockberge on the sunny side of the Alps, allowes you to enjoy your vacation in a unique way. There is something for every taste, every fitness level and every season. This is how a holiday in Carinthia will become absolutely unique!


The heart of your hosts beats in a "casual luxury" rhythm. What that means? Holidays that should fulfill all wishes, but with a certain awesomeness and casualness that you can only find in the Sportalm!


Alpine Deluxe Zimmer im Hotel Sportalm Bad Kleinkirchheim Alpine Deluxe
Alpine Deluxe Zimmer im Hotel Sportalm Bad Kleinkirchheim Alpine Deluxe


The Rooms

We offer three room categories with alpine charm and Scandinavian coolness - each one very special and with a casual style.


Black on White_edited_edited.jpg

Farm to table with a twist

Probably the coolest restaurant in Carinthia can be found at our Hotel Sportalm - RESTAURANT FUXBAU.

A small team. A small, but very special menu. At the Fuxbau, we're using ingedients that the surrounding farmers, fishermen and friends can offer at the moment. All this combined with a touch of Scandinavia, a cool atmosphere and a casual mood makes our Fuxbau something very special.

Restaurant Fuxbau im Hotel Sportalm Bad Kleinkirchheim
Restaurant Fuxbau im Hotel Sportalm Bad Kleinkirchheim.jpg

"Life is too short to drink bad wine."

Jessica, hostess


... well, actually it was Goethe ;)

Hotel Sportalm Bad Kleinkirchheim
Franz Klammer im Hotel Sportalm Bad Kleinkirchheim



It becomes especially beautiful when we include the wonderful nature around us into our activities. The alpine world here is breathtaking, especially if you want to go hiking, biking, skiing or golfing. Perfect conditions for everyone - from leisurely strollers to professional athletes. Or would you like to go skiing with legendary Franz Klammer? That's actually only possible in Bad Kleinkirchheim.

Your hosts Jessica & Kevin have suitable recommendations for your perfect vacation in Bad Kleinkirchheim.

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